Breaking Down Fulbright Master’s Essay: Study Objective

by retnolestari

If you are a scholarship hunter you might have applied to more than just one scholarship. I did the same a few years ago as I want to open more opportunities.

One of the scholarships I have applied for was Fulbright, a very prestigious scholarship to study in the United States. I won’t explain it further, as I assume that you have done your research.

You might ask what competency I have to share about this topic when I received another scholarship (Chevening)? Even though I never received a Fulbright scholarship, I managed to pass my essay to the interview stage, so I want to share how to break down the study objective Essay.

Fulbright application is very straight forward. Here I copied the instruction from the Fulbright form this year (2021):

On a separate sheet of paper, or a separate document in PDF format, provide a clear and detailed description of your study objectives and your reasons for wanting to pursue them. (Do not exceed one page single-spaced.) Be specific about your major field and your specialized interests within this field․ Describe the kind of program you expect to undertake, and explain how your study plan fits in with your previous training and your future objectives․ For PhD students, if you already have an idea of the kind of original research project you wish to pursue, very briefly describe it; however, since PhD study requires coursework, comprehensive exams, and thesis proposal defense before proceeding to any PhD research, this is not the place to talk too specifically or at length about that research. Here you should just mention any research interests. This statement is an essential part of your application and is required․ Do not mention specific U․S․ universities at which you would like to study.

When I wrote a study objective essay for Fulbright two years ago, the first thing I did was to create an outline. Since I was a journalist, I always write from one angle or perspective.

To be able to find the right angle, I had to conduct research about media development in the United States and made a comparison with media Indonesia. I tried to understand what problems have been faced by both countries and what kind of solution that the United States could have come up with.

Through this research, I made a thesis that mass media has been changed dramatically since the rapid development of digital technology and it causes two major problems: media economics and content quality. So the angle was from the media economics that affecting media content quality.

I used this thesis as a context to open my study objective essay and elaborate it further.

Then, in the first body, I compared how the media companies in both countries tackling these issues. I explained what possible solutions can be adopted by the media in my country and how I would like to be part of the solution.

In the second body of the essay, I wrote about how education in the US could equip me with the knowledge and the skills I needed and what kind of subject that would be suitable to support my education.

In the next paragraph, I explained how this study will complete my previous study in broadcast journalism and mass communication. I also connected my study objective with my journalistic experience. In my opinion, you have to be able to show a correlation between your past education, your past and current job, and your aspiration in your essay.

After this paragraph, I explained how I would like to apply my knowledge in my professional work. I wrote my short and long-term career plan.

To make it easier for you here is the brief outline as the breakdown of Fulbright study objective essay:

– A strong opening statement about your field
– Explain the context by providing your argument or thesis

Body 1:
– Comparation between the situation in the US and your country
– Possible solution that can be learned from the US

Body 2:
– The reason of studying in the US
– What subject do you want to study and how it will help you to give the solution to the problems you have found

Body 3:
– Connecting the above with your previous education and your professional background

Body 4:
– Short term career plan
– Long term career plan

Remember that Fulbright wants you to write only one page with single-paged. So, your essay must be well-planned to be able to show all the information you want to tell in a limited word count.

You can get my study objective essay that granted me to the interview stage on the link below this post.

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Fulbright Study Objective Example


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